Company Introduction

ORO industries was incorporated in 2012 and established itself as one of the best stationery manufacturing brand ``ORO`` in Pakistan. Having experience of more than 30 years of manufacturing and trading in stationery field, state of the art machines were imported from Germany, Taiwan, PRC and the production commenced at breakneck speed. The company founded itself on the fundamental principles of efficient service, quality & reliability. The company's foundations were laid with a strong commitment to develop and introduce quality stationery products in the Pakistan's market. Within a short span of time, we have achieved great recognition in the market for the quality, differentiation and the prices it offers in it's products. We stand with a strong belief that customer satisfaction and economic growth have a never ending relationship and the same will help us achieve our target to become the biggest stationery brand in Pakistan.
1. Innovation
Innovation is omnipresent in our company and permeates through all areas of the company beyond our core business. New innovative product designs as well as packaging design make us a game changer in the stationery market.
2. Quality
Using high grade raw materials with advance technology methods of manufacturing makes “ORO” a quality brand. Aims to deliver highest quality and reliability in all products.
3. Performance
Our performance with our customers is unshakeable. Our company stands on the pillars of quality, integrity and transparency that allow us to work in complete harmony with the environment.