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Pencil is forever a requirement for every office, school and home. Buying new pencils increase the interest in learning among children. If you have some high quality pencils, we believe it will more or less increase your focus on study or work.

ORO Stationery will help you get all the high-quality stationery items in Pakistan to retain your interest in studies, new ideas, and skills.

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Pencils in Pakistan

Good quality pencils are available in Pakistan, including graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, and colored pencils.

Quality Of Pencils in Pakistan?

The pencils available at ORO online store are of excellent quality, very strong, and will not break while sharpening. You can write with them for hours because of their comfortable grip.

What Are the Features of a Good Quality Pencil?

A pencil is the most important thing in writing, drawing, or sketching. Many people don’t know how to find a good quality pencil. Here is some advice if you are in search of a correct pencil.

  1. You must look for a pencil which has a smooth finish.
  2. Your pencil should be smooth enough to blend easily.
  3. It should be lightweight so that it doesn’t put too much pressure on your palm while writing.
  4. The graphite should be soft but firm simultaneously so that the tip doesn’t break every time you apply pressure.
  5. When looking for a good quality pencil, try to look for a stylish appearance of your pencil like Loopers Bulb Pencils; it will motivate you to work more.

Uses of pencils?

  1. A pencil, also known as a graphite pencil, has graphite lead embedded in a wooden shaft mainly used for artistic sketching.
  2. It is used for drawing pictures.
  3. You can use it for stenography or notes; check Mechanical Pencil.
  4. If you are learning to write, a pencil must be your first choice as it comes with an eraser, so it is very easy to correct mistakes without making a mess like in a pen.
  5. You can draw lines, create lines, and make your drawing smooth.
  6. It is the best sketch tool, especially for erasing and correction.

Why Are Pencils Better Than Pens?

Many people find pencils much better than pens; here are some reasons why are pencils better than pens:

  1. Pencils are far better than pens because pens often freeze in cold temperatures, but pencils work fine regardless of the temperature.
  2. Now, if you’ve used pens, you must know how frustrating it is when the ink dries up unexpectedly. With pencils, you always know when you’re out of Graphite.
  3. Pens can easily leak and create a mess, whereas pencils are mess-free and spill-proof.
  4. Pencils are best for children as they make many mistakes, so it is easier to correct them with pencils.
  5. So, in general, pencils are one of the most accessible implements in writing.

Why Do Artists Use So Many Pencils?

Each pencil that artists have different densities of graphite from hard to soft. They use some pencils for minor detailing and sketching, and the pencils are larger in number for darker shadings.

Good Quality Pencils Available in Pakistan

A wide variety of good quality pencils are available in Pakistan at ORO store to make your work fun and creative. A few of them are:

  1. Pencils With Eraser
  2. Pencils without Eraser
  3. Fancy Pencils For Children available with Bird, Bulb or Star top.
  4. Mechanical Pencils
  5. Pencils in a Jar