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School Stationery

As the new school year approaches, students everywhere are gearing up for another round of classes, homework, and exams. And as any student knows, one of the most important and exciting parts of getting ready for school is stocking up on all the necessary stationery. 

But there’s nothing more important than having the right tools for the job. And, let’s face it, nothing is more frustrating than running out of ink in the middle of a test or breaking the lead in your pencil during an important lecture. That’s why it’s so important to have high-quality stationary that you can rely on.


If you’re looking for a great source for school stationary Pakistan, let’s talk about ORO. ORO offers a wide range of stationary products, including pencils, color pencils, and pens in Pakistan. 



Let’s start with the pencils. ORO’s pencils are made from premium-grade wood, which means they’re strong, durable, and easy to sharpen. Plus, they come in a variety of lead grades, so you can choose the right one for your needs. Whether you’re sketching, writing, or taking notes, ORO’s pencils are sure to meet your needs.

Colour Pencils

Next, let’s talk about the color pencils. ORO’s color pencils are made from high-quality pigments, which means they’re incredibly vibrant and long-lasting. Plus, they’re perfect for all types of art and craft projects. Whether you’re a professional artist or just a student looking to add a little color to your notes, ORO color pencils are a must have! 

You can find your favorite pen, pencils and color pencils in Pakistan at ORO stationary. 

Geometry Box

This handy little box is packed with everything you need to excel in geometry class. It includes a set of precision compasses, a ruler, a protractor, a set of dividers, and a set of French curves. Each tool is made from high-quality materials. 

You can find your favourite geometry box in Pakistan on the ORO stationery website. 


Finally, no student’s stationery collection is complete without a set of highlighters. These handy tools are great for highlighting important information in your notes and textbooks, and can also be used to create colorful diagrams and charts.

You can find your favourite highlighters at ORO stationary. 

Having the right stationery can make a big difference in your school experience. By choosing the right notebook, pen or pencil, calculator, and highlighters, you’ll be well-prepared for whatever the school year throws you way. And don’t forget to keep your stationery organized, by using a pencil case or folders, so you can easily find what you need when you need it.