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Tips & Tricks to Use Stationery for a Productive Office Space


A well-organized and productive office space is essential for maximizing efficiency and creativity in the workplace. While technology plays a significant role in modern offices, stationery remains an integral part of daily operations. ORO Stationery, known for its high-quality products such as pencils, color pencils, erasers, sharpeners, ink removers, staplers, and glue sticks, offers an array of tools that can greatly enhance productivity. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks to effectively utilize stationery for creating a productive office space.

Organize and Label:

Maintaining an organized workspace is crucial for productivity. Use stationery tools like staplers, glue sticks, and folders to keep important documents together. Invest in labeled file organizers to categorize and store papers systematically. Colorful sticky notes and highlighters can be used to mark important sections or deadlines in documents, making them easily noticeable and accessible.

Optimize Note-Taking:

Pencils and erasers are staples in any office environment. They are versatile tools that can be used for note-taking, brainstorming, and sketching. Encourage employees to take handwritten notes during meetings and discussions. Research suggests that physically writing notes aids in information retention and comprehension. Additionally, encourage the use of color pencils to create visual representations, mind maps, or diagrams that can enhance understanding and creativity.

Enhance Communication:

Ink removers and correction pens are invaluable tools when it comes to maintaining clear and error-free communication. Encourage employees to proofread their work and use these tools to correct any mistakes or typos. A well-presented and error-free document enhances professionalism and avoids misunderstandings. Provide ink removers and correction pens in easily accessible areas, promoting their frequent use.

Sharpen Focus:

The act of sharpening a pencil can have a calming effect and sharpen one’s focus. Encourage employees to use sharpeners strategically, especially during demanding or mentally challenging tasks. Taking a short break to sharpen a pencil can serve as a mindfulness exercise, allowing individuals to reset and improve concentration.

Collaborative Creativity:

Staplers and glue sticks are essential for collaborative projects and creative initiatives. Encourage teamwork and innovation by providing the necessary stationery tools. Staplers can be used to compile project documents, while glue sticks are ideal for assembling visual displays or presentations. Create dedicated areas in the office where employees can gather and collaborate, stocked with the required stationery supplies.

Personalization and Motivation:

Allow employees to personalize their workspace using stationery tools. Colorful pencils, customized erasers, or unique sharpeners can add a touch of individuality to each employee’s desk. Moreover, provide motivational sticky notes or inspirational quotes that employees can use to decorate their workspace, fostering a positive and motivating atmosphere.


In the fast-paced world of technology, stationery still holds its place in the office environment. ORO Stationery’s range of products, including pencils, color pencils, erasers, sharpeners, ink removers, staplers, and glue sticks, offer countless opportunities to enhance productivity. By following the tips and tricks mentioned above, organizations can create a well-organized, collaborative, and productive office space. Incorporate stationery effectively, and watch as creativity, focus, and efficiency soar to new heights in your workplace.